Terms of Guarantee

Terms of Guarantee

Dear consumers,
Your secure and that you read the following models you can use for a long time strongly We recommend. A valid "Warranty" Although the presentation of the product, even in manual Located and failure to comply with the following points are invalid with the Terms of Guarantee.



1 all parts of the product, including all related products are covered by our warranty.

2 is added to the warranty time in the event of failure of the repair warranty period.

3. Repair period for the product is at least 30 business days. This time the service station products, in the absence of the service station property dealer, broker dealer, representative, importer someone starts from the date of notification or the manufacturer.

4- If the product fails within the warranty period; labor costs, without requesting any fee for the replaced parts cost of the repair will be made.

5. Product; from the date of delivery to the consumer within a year, without prejudice of the time, the same failure of more than two repeated or failure to benefit from the results of the product of the emergence of more than four failing continuity gain, exceeding the maximum period for repair, dealers, distributors, temsilcilg or manufacturer edit that would not be possible to repair the reporting failure cases, the change will be made free of charge.

6- failures caused by use contrary to the conditions in the owner's manual product is out of warranty.

7. The Ministry of Industry and Trade for problems that may arise regarding the warranty certificate, apply to the Consumer and Competition Protection Directorate-General.

8- The warranty period starts from the date of product delivery and 2 years.


Chair of the Group and textile products

1. Do not use the products outside functions.

2- Surface to set the product should be smooth and dry.

3 Do not drag the case of moving house or changing the location of products or rubbing transport through narrow places.

4- Take care of protective packaging impact.

5. Your Product humid, dusty and keep it away from direct sunlight environment.

6. Do not go pushing your feet on the arm and back section for any reason the product, please sit down.

7- fluid or any explosive substance in the product section Never put your chest. In this section have to be careful not to place heavy objects.

8. Do not allow children to play with moving mechanisms.

9- The electric cleaner with suction power to suck dust gently with a small brush, do cleaning regularly.

10. Detergents, çamaşırsu of cologne, soap, soap and stain remover, carpet washing machines and materials, vehicles should not be used as scrub brushes, cleaning of fabrics. Cleaning fabric against stains, soap and warm water, chlorine is gone, boiled water should be used.

11. When cleaning, use a sponge and brush should only be wiped gently with a soft cloth in a circular motion stained sections.

12. In direct sunlight or high-temperature drying and ironing to be done. Low heat with a hair dryer can be drying in a circular motion.

13 Zipper - sheathed with seats, cushions and cushion before washing the fabric considering the possibility of deterioration of upholstery fabric, refer to the label on the product.

14. Sheathed products if possible or wash hand washable at 30 degrees in the washing machine.

15. Keep your pets away from the product.

16- Washable productsd to all Cases of the product at a time to avoid any differences in color wash together.



Please sign our textile cleaning products used, taking into account the following precautions.
* Only your dry cleaning structure

* Warm water hand wash

* Wash in a washing machine at 30 degrees

* Your Irons below 100 degrees.



1. Product, we pin plug before cleaning or replacement bulb (electric) disconnect with.
2. Clean the plug with a dry cloth and bulb sockets. Make sure the bulb socket and plug the ends are dry.
3. Turn off power to the product being kidnapped electricity.
4- chips and light bulbs to keep wet hands or a nesleyl.
5. Do not change the location of the plug is inserted in the lampshade.


Furniture & COFFEE TABLE

1- into the product and apply on excessive weight and products, Avoid leaning the weight of objects that can disrupt the balance.
2 Do not exceed the product for any reason, you press your residence.
3- use of the product during the installation stage and make sure to properly ground surface.
4- Do not move the pushing or pulling products.
5- In case of moving to a remote location of the product, dismantle the parts, do not forget to damage by packaging.
6 product are surfaces, wipe with a soft cloth dampened with cold water.
7. Protect without bumps and scratches, Avoid contact with the cutting tool.
8. Make the product you're cleaning with a damp cloth.
9. Do not use any chemicals for cleaning.


Tüketici Önerileri

Dear consumer,
For better quality of life, both before the process of buying "your home and your needs
appropriate "to take your furniture as well as products and after this process," correctly "We strongly recommend that you read the following critical for your use.
Your liking and comfort in use with multi-functional allowing us to address your budget
and we wish to have a long-lasting product.


General Fabric Care

1- formed in mohair fabrics and with the help of a vacuum cleaner suction power can attract dust (with small brush in a gentle way) it is useful to do the cleaning.
2- furniture and cushions that can move with the staining method of turning and changing the direction at regular intervals and provided equal distribution of fading.
3. Living and makes contact with the head of the unit should be given to vulnerable areas where a lot.
4- zipper with seat cushions, taking into account the possibility of deterioration of upholstery fabric, wash without information.


When cleaning stains

1 containing high concentrations of alcohol (cologne, brandy, whiskey, rum like) is spilled liquids, please let dry cloth. After drying fabrics remove stain method described below.
2. Clean the coarse material spills on fabric without delay. Otherwise it will be difficult to absorb the fabric to remove stains and spots.
3- spilled liquid with absorbent paper or a soft cloth to remove the moisture by pre-intervention.
4 boiled water used to delete Upholstery fabrics are recommended. Thus, water is prevented from damaging the fabric of chlorine flying when boiled.
5- detergent, bleach, cologne, soap, soap, such as stain removers and soul kloritil oil. Never use petrol or alcohol-based solutions.
6- cleaning cloth, warm water should be done after a clean white soap and a damp cloth.